Riding the trails in the Walter Moss Foundation in Southern Pines, North Carolina

Riding the trails in the Walter Moss Foundation in Southern Pines, North Carolina

Moving to a new area and a new job is extremely exciting while at the same time stress filled, especially when there are pets involved. Our move to the Pinehurst and Southern Pines area was no exception. While we fell in love with this part of North Carolina and were eager to move here from Florida we had one major concern and a top priority: Finding a stable to board our horse. Our 16-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse Cupid (registered name, Working Out The Details) had become part of our family in 2011 and here we were in 2014 getting ready to make a move of a lifetime. There was no question that Cupid was going to make the move as well. I was hoping the transition would be smooth for us and especially for Cupid. Thanks to our realtor and friend Lin Hutaff not only did she find Cupid the perfect home; she helped make the entire relocation as easy as possible.

During my husband’s interview process we were introduced to Lin. From the start Lin knew that both he and I had concerns about finding a suitable stable for Cupid. We knew there were many options available in the area but finding the right fit was a concern for us. This is where Lin worked her magic. Because of her friendships and longevity in the area Lin introduced us to a wonderful family who owned a small private stable just outside of Southern Pines. Lin arranged for us to meet the owners and tour the stable. While the family wasn’t looking to take in a boarder at the time they did have an open stall and said they would think it over. Much to our delight the family talked it over and said they would be happy to have Cupid in their stable.

We’ve been here over a year now, and thanks to Lin, we have a lovely new home and Cupid has found his Shangri-La. He is treated like a king and is settled in and happy in his new surroundings. Cupid and I both enjoy getting out and finding new trails and seeing new sights. I pinch myself every time we go riding through the beautiful woods and trails of the Walter Moss Foundation and by the many lovely horse farms.

We owe Lin a huge “thank you” for taking to heart what our concerns and needs were at the time and helping to find a solution. It took a tremendous amount of stress out of our move and we are forever grateful to Lin and for all of her help, support, and sound advice.

Michele Kastner